What is STAYindë

We are a video streaming and travel marketing company. Revolutionizing the way both travelers and businesses explore, discover and share unique experiences through video stories.


Going beyond static pictures, written reviews, and traditional Instagram algorithms.


Our team of indë Curators capture and curate real, vivid and immersive stories of unique travel experiences and destinations.


Distributing to a tailored audience via the first of its kind social marketing network and stand-alone mobile app.  


Disrupting the way you view and share travel 

Select a product or service that fits you. 

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STAYindë App

Forget static pictures & written reviews, our video stories describe the true experience of unique stays, culinary spaces, and destinations. Helping you make a better decision!

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indë PASS

Not your traditional travel membership. Made for all types of travelers including locals. Take advantage of specials and discounts from your favorite locations and much more. 

indë Partner

Helping hospitality businesses increase engagements and conversions. With the help of our indë Curators, unveiling untapped revenue potential

STAYindë +

Taking your visibility and engagement levels to the next step. Along with your personalized ambassador, our team focuses on effectively initiating your specific KPI's and brand awareness. 

Join the Movement 

Evolving the hospitality industry!


Join our network of real passionate travel curators, who share and monetize their engaging and immersive content with the world!


 Not your ordinary sales team.

Seeking individuals who are self-motivated and want to make more than just a paycheck. 

Now Streaming on STAYindë

indë Guys 

Our founder's sit down and talk with industry professionals, celebrities (Cough, LOL!). They also check out unique off the beaten path locations and also discuss their thoughts off the record. It's always an adventure, but like they like to say, its all about the experience.

Trending Episodes

What do we look for when we travel?

From the cleanliness of the room to the view, our indëGUY's sit down with unique travel influencers to discuss their insights. #ShareYourStay

It's Just a Snack! 

Fan-favorite! Exploring discovering and indulging mouth-watering cuisine. Must have dishes that are not only eaten but (once-secret) recipes are revealed!   

Want to partner with us?

Take your hospitality clients to the next generation of visual experiences with the addition of STAYindë+  


Public Relation Companies

Take your digital efforts with your hospitality clients to the next step. Together with our team of curators, video stories and tailored distribution channels, we can exponentially increase your goals and client's expectations. 

Boutique & Lifestyle Collections

You have a unique collection of properties. It's time to show the next generation of travelers your experiences without having to spend a large investment for a digital overhaul. Immersive point of view video stories that connect directly with you!

If you're a hospitality business or want to join our indëCurator team don't be shy. 


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