Repurpose Your Content.

Turn your stories into cash and rewards!

What Do You Receive?

✓  An indë pass membership

✓  Earn cash on new sign-ups

✓  STAYindë app profile

✓  Pre-sales on events

✓  Access to all local indë events

Your content has some serious power!

When sharing a new story or post with your followers on Instagram, you may find yourself tagging the business.


It's normal. You want your followers to also enjoy this same experience. It's one of the great abilities of social media.


However indirectly you are marketing a business product or service! So how about if we turned the table and earn some extra cash!


indë Pass.png

Perks & Benefits 

with indë pass 

As an Explorer, you automatically receive an indë pass membership, which gives you access to exclusive deals, discounts, and free offers at restaurants, bars, attractions, stays, and more.


Giving you even more opportunities to discover and try new experiences without breaking the bank.


Learn more about indë pass →

How Does it Work?

Here's our quick & easy pre-launch process.  



Capture your unique culinary, entertainment, and lodging experiences just as you normally do on your IG account!



Tell your following how they can discover and unlock this experience and more by becoming an indë Pass holder.


In addition, by applying your IG handle, they will receive a discount at check out.


Tag & Go  

Finally, tag @stayinde to guide users to our link in bio to get their pass and more. That easy and simple!


Earn cash on new pass holders 

Earn $10 for each new indëPASS member that signs up. So every new 10 members is an easy $100 just by posting.

Cash + Rewards

Take advantage of our awesome cash + rewards for every milestone that is met. Anywhere from a $250 bonus, weekend cruise for 2, ultimate all-inclusive 7-day getaway + $1,000, and to up to $5,000 in bonuses and much more.

Build your profile on the All-New App 

Lastly, create your experience profile for users to stream direct and more on the all-new STAYindë streaming app live this October. 

For Travelers


How do I become an Explorer?

Simply click on the Join Now (anywhere on this page).  We will then reach out to you to securely connect your Paypal info and more.

How do I track my sales?

At this time, we will send you a weekly snapshot of your activity. This process will be replaced when the new app is launched, whereas you will be able to view all sales and activity on your dashboard directly on the app.

How do I receive my commissions?

We work with Paypal. You would need to set up if not already a Paypal account to receive your sales.

How often are payments made?

Currently, payments are done to your Paypal account every week. This process will be replaced when the new app is launched, whereas your payments will be connected directly to your Paypal account.