Life House Hotels - Little Havana, Miami

Miami is known for its lavish party scene and unparalleled beaches, but for locals like myself its the clandestine pockets of culture that truly make the Magic City unique. One of my favorite enclaves is at the Life House Hotel, tucked away in the Historic Riverview District. I come here to decompress from a long week alongside a local craft beer and their irresistible coconut flan on their verdant patio. And when I’m looking for a staycation, this is my go-to for both a budget-friendly getaway.

The 33 room hotel garnering a lush motif and tropical aesthetic. Each room is thoughtfully decorated with contemporary pieces alongside hints of mid-century flair with prices as low as $109 per night. In addition to its typical room arrangements including king and queen bed options, Life House offers its Bohemian Suite — a special room equipped with two sets of bunk beds which makes for an optimal girls trip or family vacay. Cue the pillow fights! But more importantly, the hotel has implemented a social network which allows guests to connect with each throughout their stay. Of course this is optional, if you’re trying to stay off the grid.

But the recently renovated hotel might not be on your radar, even locals tend to miss it. The warm salmon building blends perfectly into its surroundings, amidst apartment buildings and residents which also share the street. You won’t see a valet stand or conspicuous awning here, just a quaint emblem near the door — which for adventurous travelers (like myself) adds to its allure. Past the front doors warm green hues paint the space alongside local knick-knacks offering a zen-like reprieve from a long day exploring or a hectic day of traveling.

Park yourself at the lobby’s communal table alongside a an iced matcha latte and a good book, or share a wholesome lunch among friends in the lush courtyard at Cafe Parcela’s. The menu boasts light fare like greek yogurt festooned with house-made granola, and. pastries like almond croissants. But my personal favorite is the Black Kale Salad — an elevated take on a Caeser comprised of crispy kale leaves, fresno rondelles, house croutons enveloped in a queso dressing ($12). Another crowd pleaser is the Pan Con Bistec — a must try for any Miami trip. The unique riff on the area’s beloved sandwich, marries tender churassco, chimichurri, roasted peppers on a strecci bun ($14). Come Fall 2019, the hotel will also be welcoming a roof-top bar brimming with tropical drinks and stunning city views.

And if you’re looking for something to do, Calle Ocho is just steps away. Fill your afternoon with mojitos and salsa dancing at Ball & Chain, or take in an indie flick at the Tower theater after dinner at Cafe La Trova. Plus as you make your way back to Life House, you might just stumble upon a live art show or performance inside Domino Park. Don’t forget to stop by Los Altos for a night cap — a sexy Mexican speak easy atop a historic taqueria. Insider tip: the password to get inside is Tequila. You’re welcome.

I recommend Life House for any traveler seeking. a new taste of Miami, whether it be for a week, a night or just a leisurely afternoon, its not to miss. So skip the overpriced resort, and dive into something a little more local.

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By: Elena Vivas

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