Take Back Control of Your Brands Visibility 

 Your brand's unique experience is captured by your personalized ambassador and shared with your tailored audience through Instagram and our App.

Capture & Curated

From the room experiences to the culinary destinations and much more.


Our team capture their unique perspectives from their mobile devices. Keeping the real experience.

Power of Instagram

Your content is specifically shared organically via our network of curator, sponsored ads and through STAYindë's distribution channel to your audience.

The App

Your content is also shared via the first-ever video streaming app & marketplace built for travel experiences.

What is STAYindë+

A dedicated marketing network built for your brand. Taking the next step into distributing unique content to your tailored audience!


Our hand-picked indë Curators helps your brand increase engagements and conversions, unveiling untapped revenue potential

How does it work?


STAYindë+ Features 

Personalized Brand Ambassadors 

Your brand receives an indë Curator who becomes your brand ambassador. Completing a variety of tasks ranging from promotions and implementation of various marketing campaigns.

Curated Content

Our indë CURATORS capture various vivid moments of your experience, sharing and connecting an immersive and detailed sneak peek with your specific target market and travelers who think alike.  

Tailored Content Distribution

Your brand has a specific target audience. Our ambassadors curated content identifies your market and tailors key content to capture attention and engagement successfully.

Direct Connection

Each story is connected to your brand's site directly. No third party, directly to your site increasing your probability of conversion and ensuring your customer security and insurance.

Commission Free

We are not a booking engine or pay per click (PPC) app. That means unlimited clicks to your booking channel.

Tracking Performance 

Specific insights such as Key demographics and performance of promotional campaigns that you may offer. 


From reviewing and sharing our own Instagram insights of each story with your team, we work with the leading tracking and analytics companies such as Bitly, LinkTree and Google Analytics


Types of Content

STAYindë focuses on capturing content throughout all areas of hospitality. We tailor and curate experiences that are not limited to only room types but so much more. 

Uploaded by our team on a consistent basis, (all included in a member plan).


Connecting to your Audience  

Direct Connect

Each story is connected with a unique link to your brand's reservation portal or site. Giving your audience a direct connection to your experience.

indë Curator Network

Going beyond just a sponsored post, or an influencer(s) posting an experience to their large following but may not be as effective. Our personalized service selects and distributes content based on your product and audience. 

Organic & Sponsored

Your experience is shared via our network, our curators and available for your brand.


The Impact of Visual Experiences

The new technology readily available today gives us the ability to turn our hobbies into our passions.

For example today we use Instagram to dive deeper into those passions. We all seek and yearn to discover more, get inspired and expand our minds. Instagram’s global community allows us to connect, and uncover new cultures and see insights like never before. In short, Instagram changes the way we travel and experience new destinations. 

At STAYindë we utilize your brand message pared with effective and creative copy. To help travelers immerse themselves in your unique experience. We tailor and curate visual content, giving your audience a familiarity with your property like never before. Inspiring them through user-generated content that directly resonates and aligns with their passions. 



Untapped Revenue Potential

With the power of our network, Instagram and our app, now we are able to propel your growth exponentially. 

Real Engagement 

Increase Conversion

Revenue Growth

Which plan is right for your Brand?

For Lodging Experiences

Current Promotions

Take advantage of joining early. For a limited time only.

3 Month 

Test Run

Test a couple of your properties with no annual contract required.




Lock in a yearly plan now and receive 2 months free!



a month

Types of Properties:

  • Select Service 

  • Small Boutique

  • Inns & BnB

  • Hostels

A new indë CURATOR (Ambassador) monthly for your property. Capturing new experiences and/or moments.

All includes 4 post monthly within our indë Curator Network


Featured weekly on the App and STAYindë distribution channel. 

Custom analytical reporting - Reviewing your performance on a monthly and yearly basis.



a month

Types of Properties:

  • Full Service 

  • Resorts

  • Extended Stay

A new indë CURATOR (Ambassador) monthly for your property. Capturing new experiences and/or moments.

All includes 4 post monthly within our indë Curator Network


Featured weekly on the App and STAYindë distribution channel.


Custom analytical reporting - Reviewing your performance on a monthly and yearly basis.

- All plans are annual contracts and billed monthly -

Coming Soon

Expanding our network to help all types of brands in the industry. From pre-openings, events to seasonal ads and more.

Restaurants, Bars & Lounges




Want to partner with us?

Take your hospitality clients to the next generation of visual experiences with the addition of STAYindë+  


Public Relation Companies

Take your digital efforts with your hospitality clients to the next step. Together with our team of curators, video stories and tailored distribution channels, we can exponentially increase your goals and client's expectations. 

Boutique & Lifestyle Collections

You have a unique collection of properties. It's time to show the next generation of travelers your experiences without having to spend a large investment for a digital overhaul. Immersive point of view video stories that connect directly with you!


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